The Future of Work is Here

Thanks to cryptocurrency and it's implementations, we have entered into a new era of the world wide web 3.0...and there is no looking back.

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An exclusive, invitation-only, online "grassroots" movement.

We are a decentralized global cooperative of freelancers, which by the token holder's votes will be able to use the DAO's assets to be invested in the production of decentralized applications, aka dApps, as well as personal usages to further our movement.
This is a way for the DAO to hire individuals who can choose to stick to their specialties (or learn new fields) and make an income while doing so. Everyone works their own hours, and chooses their own gigs.
The goal is to be an online, global community that no one controls, and no one can buy in to. It's all about the quality of your contributions, and how long you have been a part of the community.
We are looking for programmers, graphic designers, web developers, smart contract developers, video editors, photographers, writers/editors, social media managers and anyone with skills related to online development, promotion, and most importantly SECURITY.
We are in search of ambitious junior/senior developers, hobbyists, and amateurs, which we will pay in our personal token, in which you can also pay each other for services within the community.
We are currently in the process of getting our KLD token listed.
Come join the movement!

January 7th, 2019


Our main objective is to reach the most optimum level of decentralization an organization has ever accomplished.


We're open to anything, and anyone. We're world-wide!


Security is our biggest focus. We will push the standards of online protection to their limits for the DAO and it's members.

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Oh, you already know. ;)


Each individual DAO member will have ample opportunity to express and share their opinions and ideas (which is the real "GAS" of our network).


At Kaleidoscope, there is nothing holding you back from turning your idea into a reality.